Day of Action

College Republicans United has been approached by dozens of organizations seeking our help during these tumultuous midterm elections. Various candidates, the NRA, Americans for Prosperity, and even the GOP itself have expressed desires for our services. In a perfect world there would be enough young people to do these tasks, it would certainly make a difference in the political realm.  Truth is, we’re college students first and we have our own responsibilities to tend to. That’s why we are so thankful to our members who are able to answer the call for important volunteer events.

Recently CRU made a pact with Brigette Maggio & new CRU member Michaella Brassfield who works for the GOP as Field Coordinators who manage canvassing turf operations for the party. On September 15th, The GOP called for a National Day of Action and CRU answered.

CRU formed two teams:

  • Scottsdale, lead by Michaella Brassfield, Rick Thomas, Kevin Decuyper, Bret Musil, Jonathan Rigney

  • Chandler, lead by Brigette Maggio, Joshua Bernard, Mark Grigoriev, Chase Smith


– Hundreds of doors knocked
– Hundreds of brochures distributed
– Countless conversations about Kavanaugh, Trump, McSally, and Ducey with the community. 

I cannot thank everyone enough who participated in this event. We canvassed from 8am to noon, and some went further until 6pm. You are the best of College Republicans United! Thank you!

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