ASU Violates First Amendment

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ASU Violates Our First Amendment

Effective immediately, College Republicans United official recognition as an ASU organization is suspended and all of the privileges and benefits that come with that recognition are suspended.

Effective immediately, College Republicans United is directed to immediately suspend all organization activities. This includes formal and informal events and activities occurring at any on or off campus locations.

Any gatherings or activities that involve more than 2 members of the organization who are currently students (active or in alumni status), not including those who share a residence and are engaged in the regular activities of daily living, may be considered an organization activity or event and may result in additional violations of the code of conduct.

The interim action will remain in effect until a final decision has been made on the pending charges or until Student Rights and Responsibilities believes that the reasons for imposing the interim action no longer exist.

Chad Morgan
Dean of Students Office
Arizona State University – (480) 965-6547

January 25th College Republicans United scheduled Vincent James to speak at Arizona State University about problems within the Republican Party. Vincent is the Founder of the Red Elephants, a formerly successful YouTuber who was deplatformed earlier in 2020. The event itself was on the fringe left’s radar days before, as a campaign was launched to stop our meeting. They were successful in convincing Eventbrite to censor our page and complaints were issued to the University. 

CRU submitted a Special Event Registry Form, met with Sean Bryan from the ASU Student Organizations team in advance at which time the University’s event guidelines for student organizations were explained, and CRU agreed that it would comply with the University’s guidelines for student organizations for in-person events and meetings. Those guidelines limit in-person attendance to no more than 50, required face masks for all attendees, and required that a minimum of 6 ft. of physical distancing be maintained at all times.

On the day of the event, two ASU employees disrupted the meeting before CRU Executive members had a chance to check in most attendees.  In their complaint they claimed about 1/3 of our attendees were not students and CRU was prohibited from holding in-person attendance by members of the general public. Yet we have a recording from Suzette Allen Office of University Events and Protocol Senior Coordinator saying “If they show up, make sure that everybody is safe, make sure that everyone is on the roster, and that will be fine”. 

When presented with this information the faculty admins refused to listen to our recording and were adament we were in violation and did not care who we spoke with. When it became clear ASU was interpreting the rules unreasonably, the CRU President dismissed the attendees and cancelled the meeting. 

While some attendees left, the majority went outside to the Starbucks Patio and held their own meeting outside in the rain for 30minutes as a protest. 

On January 29th, the CRU President and Treasurer received an email by the University stating both students were hereby suspended pending an investigation by the University. In this email faculty claimed there were 55 to 60 attendees present beyond the allowed 50, social distancing was not being maintained despite accommodations, and CRU violated the code of conduct by “Endangering, threatening, or causing physical harm to any member of the university community or to oneself, causing reasonable apprehension of such harm or engaging in conduct or communications that a reasonable person would interpret as a serious expression of intent to harm.” and “Failure to comply with the directions of university officials or agents, including law enforcement or security officers, acting in the good faith performance of their duties.”

It is clear to us from previous interactions the University has a proclivity to discriminate against those who identify themselves as conservative. As University officials exaggerate or outright lie to remove a club it deems controversial, College Republicans United will not roll over and will fight to expose ASU for its authoritarian approach to silencing free speech on campus. 

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Let’s remember the times when ASU ignored the actions of ANTIFA aligned students who violated the University code of conduct when they disrupted our meetings with ICESheriff Joe Arpaio, or the meetings of other clubs like Hillel. Let’s remember when Black Lives Matter held a protest during the COVID shut down on campus without the University suspending any student, club, or organization. ASU selectively enforces their COVID-19 regulations for non-political or right wing events, but gives a pass for the left when promoting their extremist ideology.