Who We Are

As an independently established America First organization, we seek opportunities to grow this network of conservatives, while educating members on the importance of traditional values, practices and mindsets. We are an organization whose sole focus is supporting the conservative momentum in Arizona, California, Iowa and beyond while educating Millennials and Gen-Z. Our members consistently seek out opportunities for productive dialogue and involvement in our communities.

Our organization has two tier memberships: College Republicans United (CRU) for the college network and Republicans United (RU) which is open to all allumni and supporters.  RU aims to assist CRU chapters and uphold primary Conservative values while maintaining an active presence in the evolving Republican dialogue.


Member of the College Republican Patriot Coalition

A Coalition of devout and hard-working campus conservatives who care deeply about the future of our country. Republicans United was one of many founding members of this coalition – Check here for the original list. 

Partnership with Republicans for National Renewal

Promoting nationalist-populism within the Republican Party. 501(c)(4)