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This information was given to College Republicans United by a former member of the RINO CRs who left the organization in disgust following Joe Pitts condemnation of Kyle Rittenhouse and of our fundraiser. Throughout 2019 and early 2020 this anon believed PAC funds, created by the CRs, were raised & spent with malfeasance and was fearful of retaliation by club leadership if questioned. 

This anon claims this PAC was used to fundraise for the College Republicans; money had been pocketed illegally in violation of reporting laws. 

CR Faculty Advisor was questioned regarding details of this PAC. Dr Critchlow denied any pertinent knowledge but knew of this PAC’s existence. We offer this information to the public to follow up on their activities and help us expose their political activism which is harming the standing of the GOP in Arizona. 

Source –

Founder: Jeremiah Willett
Jeremiah Willett claims to have been active in Republican politics since 2014. He attended Arizona State University and graduated in 2020 with a degree in Political Science. Throughout college, Jeremiah has supported and volunteered for various RINO campaigns, most notably working as a field organizer for Governor Ducey’s 2018 reelection. He served as President of the College Republicans at Arizona State University in 2019 and, according to their own faculty advisor, Dr. Critchlow, ran its remaining membership into the ground following the disastrous leadership of Jennifer Custis.

Jeremiah worked in public policy for Compass Strategies

Chairman: Landon Wall
Landon Wall started his career in finance working at an investment research firm. He began working in politics in 2017, after joining Compass Strategies as a data analyst. Since beginning at Compass Strategies, Landon has collected, managed, and analyzed data for multiple local, congressional, advocacy, and statewide campaigns and met Jerimiah. 

Young Leadership Coalition is a slush fund by Jerimiah’s father to purchase political influence for his son to grow an astroturf organization to be utilized in covering operating costs for various candidates in Arizona, and of course build resumes for those affiliated with it. Six donations from John Paul Willett were documented between 6/30/2019 and 6/28/2020 – totaling $125,600. 

There are no other donors on record. 

John Paul Willet is listed as a ‘Managing Member’ of ‘Rsv Holding‘ which employs 197 people. On April 14, 2020 the company took a $1-$2Million loan from BOKF, National Association. Mr Willet is also a managing member of Red Star AZ32 LLC, also known as Red Star Vapor e-cigarette business that uses antifa/revolutionary artwork on its product to sell merchandise.

Joe Pitts and Jeremiah Willett claim this is grassroots

How do you spend $125,600 in two years or less?

Tdaz Consulting: $8,000.00 for Consulting –
Self proclaimed business within Engineering, Accounting, Research, and Management Services Sector. Corporation Commission Filing here

Owner Tom Ducey, Campaign Manager for Kate Brophy McGee, also the Nephew of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

Business Address same as Home Address:
5335 E Shea Blvd, Unit 2084, Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Phone: (602) 571-1146
Employs only one person (Tom Ducey)

The reccuring theme you’ll notice here is the payout to associates of Ducey. Young Leadership Institute spent $1,203.00 to Ava Montoya for consulting. Ava is a marketing manager at a New Mexico Tech council who previously worked at the AZ Chamber of Commerce with Tom Ducey. 

These RINO Republicans also gave money to Democrats

In October 2019 Young Leadership Coalition rented the Tempe Mission Palms for $4,929.83 which hosted two Republicans and Democrats and paid each of them $1,000. 

The two Democrats: Daniel Hernandez, who was elected into the Arizona House of Representatives for the 2nd District in 2016, and the Alma Adams Campaign who was elected into the House of Representatives 3rd District in 2018. 

Both of these Democrats are typical far left extremists who support unlimited late term abortions. They both campaigned heavily for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020. 

Other expenses include…

Fox Point Consulting: $52,650.00 for Consulting,

Arcadia Management Group Inc: $24,999.50 for Commercial Property Rent

Incompliance: $5,850.00 another Consulting firm that does business with Arizonans for Affordable Electricity, Republican Legislative Victory Fund, Re-Elect Debbie Lesko for Senate, Arizonans for Public Safety, Taxpayers Against City Takeover, Arizonans for Financial Freedom (Sponsored by American Encore), and Ducey for Governor.

RINO College Republicans at ASU also benefited

Young Leadership PAC paid American Airlines $1,302.40 which is about the cost of 4 or 5 round-trip tickets (pre-COVID19).  

Hilton Hotel received $753.58 on 02/09/2020 in Washington DC. Lodging for Arjun Rondla Treasurer of the CRs & others who are part of Jerimiah’s and Joe Pitt’s inner circle.

Arizona Federation of College Republicans received $300.00 for Judah Waxelbaum who has been the unelected Fed Chair since 2017 and member of the College Republicans.

Steven Sensmeier received $1,000, Former College Republican from Embry Riddle, who was also involved with the Federation of College Republicans.

Young Leadership PAC also paid someone’s Cox Communications bill $504.25, five payments of $100.85 from Feb – June 2020. Adobe software for $100 to make videos condemning College Republicans United. AZ Office Liquidators: $437.29 for Office furniture, new & secondhand desks, chairs, conference tables & more. ... and the “American Conservative” a magazine subscription for $330.00, great example of fiscal conservatism. 

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