Kelli Ward is Corrupt

Original article from 1/6/2020 Republican Briefs by Frosty Taylor

AZGOP chairman Kelli Ward stirred up a hornet’s nest when she fired the Resolution Committee she had appointed after Thanksgiving in Nov 2019.

According to GOP sources, Ward abruptly dissolved the Resolutions Committee on Dec 18, 2019 as the committee reviewed 25 resolutions that had been presented for consideration for recommendation at the upcoming Jan 25 Arizona State Convention. 

PC/committee member Vince Ansel says, “It all began with a nice email received on Nov 27, 2019 from AZ Republican Party Chairman, Kelli Ward stating that I had been chosen to serve on the Republican ‘Resolutions Committee”. The job of this committee is to vote on ‘resolutions’ which would then be forwarded to the State GOP Committee for consideration and a vote on Jan 25, 2020. That vote would set in motion the political platform and goals of the State Republican Party for 2020. Ansel listed the 11 resolutions passed by the 25 committee members in attendance at the Dec 18 meeting before Committee Chairman Russell Pearce was notified by Ward that she had fired the committee mid-meeting for alleged ‘rules violations.’

They had passed resolutions:

1. Strict enforcement of Immigration Law and condemnation of Sanctuary city policies.

2. State support of a well-armed militia to help in defense of our southern borders.

3. The condemnation of ABOR for granting discounted tuition to Illegal Aliens.

4. State defunding of the baby-killing organization known as “Planned Parenthood”.

5. Support of the Electoral College.

6. Strict enforcement of established law prohibiting the hiring of Illegal Aliens.

7. State compliance of laws regarding English as Arizona’s Official Language.

8. Resolution to end the illegal DACA program immediately.

9. Resolution to expand School Choice and increase the number of Vouchers issued.

10. Resolution to denounce “Red Flag Laws” which violate citizen 2nd Amendment rights.

11. Resolution that the AZ Republican Party stand firmly with President Trump.

Follow up e-mails indicate Ward thought the resolutions “too divisive” and that she was forming a new Resolution Committee under a new chairman which has prompted the fired committee members to question whether Ward buckled under press from Doug Ducey.

Chairman Pearce said he had been told that Ducey was pushing hard for “his Gun Confiscation Scheme (Red Flag Laws) which Pearce points out is a “clear violation of the Constitution. The Gov is also a member of ABOR and supports  giving instate tuition to DACA students (in violation of Arizona Law.) Chairman Ward is trying to play politics and NOT do what is right – which is a shame.  But, dismissing me as chairman and the whole committee is deceitful and will backfire on her.” Pearce was nominated for the chairmanship by LD25 Chair Ian.  Peace continued, “This is all politics.  ABOR has been stuffed with Ducey appointments including democrats and Karrin Robson who wants to run for Governor.  The only reason our AG (Mark Brnovich) is going after their abuse of power is because he knows I will if he doesn’t and has stated so to the Arizona Republic. Just like he did when he blasted for forcing him to sue ABOR for giving in-state tuition strictly against the law.”  

Pearce noted, “Resolutions are the party members voice and so she needs to just suck it up and let them win or lose in a vote.  Ward is supposed to be a conservative.  Keep in mind money talks.  Karrin who sits on the ABOR board just took $250K from Ed Robson as Karrin plans to is run for Governor.  This ABOR illegal act deal will blow up in Karrin’s face and she knows it.  The Red Flag laws are a clear violation of the Constitution and due process and should not be voted in by the legislature.  If this party doesn’t stand up for what is right we are in trouble and no better than the Dems and the left.  We need to take a stand. We must get Trump re-elected or we will put our Republic at risk.  We elected President Trump, because he is willing to take on the swamp and take a strong stand on the founding principles of this Republic in spite of the daily attacks by the Media and the Left.   I do not understand why Kelli and the Gov are against English as the Official Language as it is already in our Constitution . Or why they would support an illegal, unconstitutional Executive Order by President Obama and do not want us to demand we end DACA.  Or why she would want to silence the voice of our hard working Conservatives – the back bone of this Party who clearly are opposed to Red Flag legislation, voted overwhelmingly for Prop. 300 to say NO to DACA, and why in the world would they be afraid to out ABOR for breaking the law.  All Politics. Who’s side are they on?

Pearce said, “This whole attempt is to stop resolutions that this Party wants.  They (party members) DO NOT want Gun Confiscation Laws (Red Flag laws) that is Ducey’s pet legislation, they do not want to condemn ABOR for breaking law flagrantly (Ducey is on the Board), they want to protect DACA in spite of the President being in court right now to stop it, and they do not want to support God’s Plan of only two Genders (changed to two sexes).  When I would not violate Robert’s Rules of Order or pander to Ward and Ducey this is when the evil plan started to make sure they did not pass. The Committee was even stacked to stop it, but it failed due to the solid Patriots on the Committee.  Some of these passed UNANIMOUSLY but they will do what they can to stop them including cheating and lying.  I am so disappointed on Chairman Ward and those who continue to throw our Conservatives under the bus while we support our own SWAMP.  Some of these passed UNANIMOUSLY but she decided to do whatever she had to do to stop them.  In fact Kelli was texting to committee members during the committee vote. I am so disappointed in Chairman Ward and those who continue to throw our Conservatives under the bus while we pander to our own SWAMP.”  

Pearce said Ward sent emails to him and texted members to:

· “ not to vote on the Resolution to stop Red Flag Laws (a gun confiscation scheme)

· “ not to vote on condemning ABOR for breaking the law and their continued effort to violate both Federal and Arizona law (Prop. 300 passed by 73% of Arizonans made it clear NO tax dollars directly or indirectly to DACA or anyone in the Arizona illegally)

· “ not to vote on the Resolution to end DACA, which we all know is a violation of law and an illegal executive order by Obama

· “ not to vote to support God’s Plan of Two Genders (changed to two Sexes) as it was controversial. 

· “ not to vote on enforcing English as the Official Language that the is in our Constitution

When that failed Kelli decided to illegally change the rules. “  -ft


Origin of Kelli Ward’s Progressive Tax Plan

In 2016, Ward signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in her primary challenge to Senator John McCain, making a written commitment to Arizonans that she would oppose all tax increases. She lost that election but was elected as Party Chairwoman two years later in 2018. Her supporters have long claimed she would remove the RINO-establishment influences from the party. 

“Kelli Ward promised the people of Arizona in writing that she would oppose any and all tax increases. She just called for a sales tax hike that would damage every citizen of Arizona,”

– Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform.

Ward suddenly announced her support behind Senate Concurrent Resolution 1001 and House Concurrent Resolution 2024. If approved by the legislature, would raise $1.1 billion  dollars to education through a new sales tax. A move which has shocked her closest supporters into open rebellion.

The AZGOP is bankrupt. The Jonathan Lines and McCain donors have withheld their funds and are acting independently since she took office. Ward has had great deal of difficulty in finding replacements for the upcoming elections. Rumors have been circulating that she was convinced to support this bill to gain favor with the remnants of the RINO establishment. Rodney Glassman is a former Democrat who ran against John McCain in 2010 for the Senate. After it was discovered that Glassman forged ballot signatures, plagiarized his Ph.D. dissertation, and ruined his reputation in the Democratic Party, he switched to the GOP and was embraced by Jeff Flake cronies like Bill Montgomery. Glassman, who is a trust-fund millionaire, pushed for a double digit tax increase for the last two years. 

According to State Senator Vince Leach of District 11, Glassman organized a fundraiser with Ben Carson, Leo Beus, and Paul Gilbert in exchange for Ward’s support of the tax increase. 

(Update 5/21: According to FEC Reports, Glassman donated $2,000 YTD to the AZGOP, most recently on April 18th just a week before the Ben Carson Fundraiser)  

During the 2016 Corporation Commission race, Glassman raised twice the amount of any other candidate totaling $767k. $200k of which was donated by himself. Glassman is reported to have used Union and Planned Parenthood money from his 2010 campaign, money that was suppose to have been returned.  

Glassman is associated with several organizations like Lucha AZ, an open borders advocacy group. As well as a family PAC called the Arizona Stronger Universities (ASU) that was seed funded by his wife with $26k. She is still a registered Democrat. It’s not a stretch of the imagination that the PAC takes money from unions and then applies it to his campaign.

Why would Ward do this? All sorts of ridiculous explanations have been thrown around. “To expose the left’s agenda, and put people on record for supporting a tax increase while giving into the demands of the education unions.” As some form of 4th Dimensional Chess. The Ward sycophants need to wake up and start holding her accountable. This isn’t gaining any favors with the left, Joe Thomas, the head of the Arizona Education Association teacher’ union, called Ward’s tax increase “Too little. Too late.” No amount of money will make up for the base abandoning her leadership. You are not going to gain supporters by trying to outspend Democrats either. 

Ward has a terrible record when it comes to criticism by unfriending and blocking Republicans on social media.  Perhaps its time for Republicans to rebuke her and start looking for a replacement.

Former state legislator Frank Antenori provided an impassioned history lesson about Arizona politics

Juanita Broaddrick

In 1999, Juanita Broaddrick burst into the public consciousness when she accused President Bill Clinton on national television of raping her in 1978 when he was the Arkansas Attorney General and running for Governor. She was a registered nurse and nursing home owner at the time. The NBC Dateline interview was suppose to air during President Clinton’s impeachment trial, but was held by NBC until the hearing was over.

She has now written a book, “You’d Better Get Some Ice On That”, telling her story of survival from the assault at the hands of the future President to the veiled threats by a seemingly complicit presidential wannabe, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Juanita lives in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She has been interviewed numerous times in the last two years by Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine Pirro and Laura Ingraham of Fox News, Jake Tapper and SE Cupp of CNN and Aaron Klein of Brietbart. She was also a guest of President Donald Trump at the 2nd presidential debate in 2016, along with other victims of Bill Clinton.

On February 28th 2019, College Republicans United hosted Juanita Broaddrick at Arizona State University

Response to Gilbert Sun

In response to an opinion piece to the Gilbert Sun –

I’m a 29-year-old ASU student majoring in healthcare compliance and father of two boys. I’m the Vice President of College Republicans United at ASU and also am pursuing to become a Precinct Committeeman for LD12.

First off, so-called “man-made climate change” is nothing more than an attempt at population control engineered by the UN. Since when does the UN dictate American policy? It’s high time the UN lose the United States as a participant for the sake of maintaining national sovereignty here at home and more hardworking American families keep their hard-earned tax dollars. Please don’t insult our intelligence and say global warming is caused by humans giving off more carbon dioxide, that is junk science.

A Green New Deal will only increase the federal government’s control over our state’s resources and would require a tremendous increase in tax dollar spending. Contrary to Al Gore in 2006 in his An Inconvenient Truth, the polar ice caps still remain and the polar bear population has increased, rather than decreased according to the Global Warming Policy Foundation from 22,500 to about 30,000 in the span of 12 years. Now THAT is an inconvenient truth!

Contrary to the progressive narrative that the sky is falling and we’re running out of fossil fuel resources, the opposite is the truth. According to the Institute for Energy Research, both Alaska and Texas continue to discover new resources amounting to over 2.5 billion barrels of oil and 75 TRILLION cubic feet of natural gas beginning in 2016. What do these increases in domestic oil and natural gas reserves mean for us? According to a 2017 article in Bloomberg, “By 2025, the growth in American oil production will equal that achieved by Saudi Arabia at the height of its expansion, and increases in natural gas will surpass those of the former Soviet Union, the International Energy Agency predicted. The boom will turn the U.S., still among the biggest oil importers, into a net exporter of fossil fuels.” In other words, fossil fuels in America will not be completely depleted for many, many years to come, arguably well beyond our lifetime.

What investment would you, the Gilbert taxpayer, wish to see fulfilled: an updated  US-Mexico border wall protecting you and your families for roughly $5 billion, or hundreds of trillions of dollars to implement Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal? Let’s face the real facts, the majority of American citizens continue to NOT want to be taxed to death to produce the futuristic “green utopia” of the Democratic-Socialist Party!

-Matthew Northway , Vice President of College Republicans United

AZGOP Chairman Election Day

Matthew Northway arrived at the Church of the Nations around 7:20 AM and walked with Mark Grigoriev from the parking lot to the front of the church grounds. They stood with their protest signs and yellow vests on at that location for about half an hour until approached by a gentleman wearing a pro-Lines sticker. This gentleman read our signs and asked who we were with. Mark responded, “Republicans United” while Matthew was beginning to say “College….” The gentleman (Douglas Yelin) finished his sentence and told us we weren’t allowed to protest on church grounds. Mark asked him where we could go, and Mr. Yelin mentioned “around the back by the dumpsters.” 

Mark and Matthew then left the location and walked towards the rear of the building. They stopped where other anti-Lines protesters were located and spoke with a pro-Ward supporter. Mark and Matt told her what happened, and she went inside to ask for clarification. She returned to us with another unknown individual verifying that we couldn’t protest on church grounds.

Mark and Matt moved away towards the opposite side of the church, then was approached by Jonathan Lines himself who said, “You can’t be here, see the Sergeant-at-arms. This is a private event.” Barbara Medal was walking behind Jonathan Lines and saw him telling us to move and was asking him questions as he was walking into the building. Mark and Matthew then moved off church property after speaking with Alice Lara (Chips ‘n Salsa). As we were walking away from the church, Matthew caught a verbal confrontation between Lyle Tuttle and an SC named Alberto Gutier III where Lyle asked why we couldn’t protest on the grounds. Alberto got frustrated saying, “I’m resigning from the Party! This is why I’m resigning!” After this exchange, Mark and Matthew protested on the sidewalk opposite the church building until Rick Thomas arrived.

Rick went back onto the property and spoke with several pro-Lines teens carrying signs asking who organized them, their opinions on Jeff Flake, Romney and other RINOs. None of them were confident to talk about why they were there or anything else beyond the pro-lines rhetoric they were told to say. Rick then spoke with another group of Anti-Lines protesters and informed them what took place with Matthew and Mark. This individual encouraged CRU to return back to the property and group up to prevent harassment from Jonathan Line’s henchmen. 

Rick was then approached by what appeared to be one of the organizers for the teens. The individual then berated Rick on his anti-lines views, made insults on Rick’s “Faggy” Air Force Boots, Jacket, and choice of clothing. When asked why he hated the AirForce he replied that he use to be an Army Ranger so it was ok. The man was visually unhinged, but what made the situation worse was the Teens who accompanied him who started to echo his insults. The man eventually scurried away. Our side was later reinforced by Joshua Bernard and Kevin Decuyper. The rest of the day went on without further incidents.

After Kelli Ward won the vote. Jonathan Lines walked past our group, full of hatred and vile, saying “It takes alot of balls to yell at me from a distance” Rick quickly shot back, “Have fun in court with Maria Syms.” The sad little man got into his car with his family and drove away.

CRU Protest against AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines

College Republicans United will be conducting a protest against AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines January 26th. 

For the past few days on the RepublicanBriefs, Frosty Taylor has been advertising our call for the removal of Lines and other RINO collaborators from the party. As a result of this, our inbox has been flooded with messages from various supporters.

Here is a brief sample of the messages we have received.

Congratulations on your efforts to unseat the hugely unpopular and ineffective incumbent Az GOP chairman Jonathan Lines.  

     As you may already know, I sat for (5) consecutive years on the Maricopa County Executive Guidance Committee, both as Member-At-Large and Second Vice Chairman.  During my tenure there, I was made acutely aware of the manipulations exhibited by the Az GOP and the establishment Republicans (Globalists) who routinely usurped the power of the PC’s through the monumental abuse of proxies, which are tantamount to ballot harvesting.  This practice, in reality, disenfranchises the hardworking PC’s who actually put boots on the ground and perform the function of PC’s by going to the various meetings and performing their duties.  The proxy abuse is designed to give voice to those PC individuals who will never be seen in their precincts or at meetings and are recruited by establishment power cadres in the various LD’s to manipulate elections—both in their respective LD’s and at the Az GOP level.  

     There have been many instances within the past decade to remedy this situation by limiting the number of proxies that can be carried by a fellow PC, but these efforts have been thwarted by the entrenched establishment power structure in order to keep them in power at ALL costs—legal or otherwise.

     Your efforts to bring this to the light of day is a welcome and noble task, and I wish you every success in this effort.  The issues at stake go to the very soul of our Republic and our party.  My own suggestion for a theme for this effort is:  TAKE BACK CONTROL

     May the intention of the Founding Fathers be ever your creed, who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor in creating the greatest nation on Earth.  
Let’s roll!

Standing for Liberty,

Ray Sweeney
U. S. Marine Corps, retired
Founder/Chairman, V.A.L.O.R. (Veterans Against Losing Our Republic)

Here’s another exchange between CRU Vice President Matthew Northway and CRU President Joshua Bernard with another contributor. 

In reading the briefs yesterday and today it states that you are picketing against Lines re-election as State GOP Chair. Who of the remaining 3 candidates do you support???

  • – Anonymous

Good afternoon ma’am,

  Thank you for your response, please allow me some depth to explain our reasoning. Regarding the election this Saturday, CRU and RU is not advocating for a particular candidate to replace Mr. Lines. The purpose of our protest is to call attention to the performance given by Chairman Lines especially with the aftermath of the ’18 midterm elections in this state. The Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party should do everything in his/her power to ensure adequate support and reinforcement is given to ALL Republican candidates running for statewide office, not just the Senate and Governor positions. An example is needed, Maria Syms of LD 28 was running for reelection to a second term in the Arizona House, but was blindsided by the State Party under Lines who reached out to voters requesting they vote for Kathy Petsas. This underhanded tactic, perpetrated under the direction of Chairman Lines, split the vote and cost Syms her seat which is now occupied by Democrat Kelli Butler.

  The reasoning for why Chairman Lines’ actions cost the Republican Party a state legislative seat is unclear, Maria Syms had a great CONSERVATIVE record while a member of the AZ House. The above example is a clear illustration for why Chairman Lines needs to be replaced as State Party Chair, President Trump needs conservative officials he and his supporters can reliably count on who will do everything in their power to ensure the MAGA agenda comes to fruition. If Chairman Lines is reelected, it’s a very safe bet Arizona will go from purple to blue in 2020 and thus MAGA will be absent from Arizona. Josh Bernard, President of CRU gives a good answer towards who to vote for: 
“We need to look and invest in true conservative candidates that believe in the new direction the party is moving to, not candidates that want to promote old policy from years past. Fresh new blood and leadership is needed for the next decade onwards.”
I apologize for the long-windedness of this message, but everyone deserves the truth for why Jonathan Lines is no longer qualified to his position. Have a great rest of your week!
Very Respectfully,
Matthew J. Northway
College Republicans United (CRU) Vice President
I appreciate your response.
I was a PC in Arizona, but am no longer.  I am a former 8 year, 2 term County Commissioner in Lane County, Oregon.  The only Republican and the only woman on a 5 member board.  Oregon definitively  has its  problems,  but at least we know how to groom and start working with candidates. Living here since 2012, I have been appalled at not only the lack of leadership, but the lack of quality of candidates.  
You continue to recycle the same old hacks time and time again. Primary example is Debbie Lesko.  The thought of now having to work with her in DC is not going to happen.  I thought Trent Franks was bad, she is a disgrace.  We have that whole LD21 click with Rick & Lisa Gray.
I have done grassroots lobby work for AF&PA in DC since the mid 80’s  focusing on NW & W States.  Was never impressed with the Arizona delegation except for Jon Kyle.  I worked extensively with him in 1999/2000, when he chaired Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee. At that time we passed a major timber bill that hadn’t been done in 20 years.  However, Paul Gosar seems to be a possible bright light.
Needless to say,  I did not vote for Lesko in November. The Republican Party in Arizona has a tendency of eating their own.  If Ward is selected Saturday, I can guarantee you that Arizona will become bright purple or blue in 2020. You want to place a wager?  You also need some better qualified campaign consultants.  Even I can read the tea leaves better than they can.
In a pickleball event Saturday from 9 AM to Noon.  Not sure I even want to know the outcome of the voting.
– Anonymous


There’s massive issues within the AZ GOP. A lot of our fellow conservative contacts across the nation have said AZ is notorious for its GOP split. Rather it almost shows at the state level the bigger national divide within the party. As there seems to be almost a irreconcilable differences between these two wings of the party(Bush type conservatism vs Trump conservatism). Which is playing out perfectly within here in AZ. I think looking ahead to 2020 is when the real battle for change here in AZ can begin. During that time its gonna be a critical moment to build and invest in grassroots leaders and the youth. 
The Establishment has really been dropping the ball as of late.  Especially regarding building youth leaders. A lot of their preferred leaders tend to be always unpopular and out of touch with modern millennials and Gen Z. There just seems to be a massive disconnect with current party leadership policy towards them and how to engage them. As millennials and Gen Z are interconnected on social media, they are heavily active in social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. In which they tend to primarily be engaged in conservative young communities that are out of the establishment belt-loop. They have a very strong outreach online, but that’s where the party is failing to properly utilize this strength. Only President Trump and other conservative right leaning groups around the world especially in Europe have primarily have tapped into that power and engaged with it to build themselves up.
The AZ GOP and even the national GOP, with Trumps momentum would be better advised to go into rebuilding mode (like a sports team does) to better field a better team going forward. It’s better to invest in the blue-collar base President Trump brought in, as well as invest in better camping consultants. Build our conservative bench, and change the scouting tactics that go into investing into the Republican future. 
In my opinion, I don’t believe Chairman Lines holds any of realistic visions for the future. Based on his record as chairman for the past few years. As well as based on who he and the party left hanging during the 2018 midterms. The left was bound to strike back in 2018, but leaving some of your soldiers on the battlefield like Syms and other conservatives especially our women candidates was just plain wrong. Kelli Ward’s probably not the answer to counter Lines and the establishment, but investing in other potential candidates for the long game is the better answer and vision. One that can take on the likes of left wing swamp dwellers that are coming from California to Arizona. Liberals that are seasoned veterans and eager to take on Republican and Conservative leaders that do not have the energy to muster up a strong fight against them. As seen in our 2018 midterm results here in AZ. 
Joshua Bernard 
President – College Republicans United (CRU)