Rasmussen Polling – 2022 Arizona Elections

Our organization has released the results of a recent poll conducted in Arizona by Rasmussen, link to story here

An astounding 50% say election irregularities in heavily Republican areas of Arizona were likely intentional to suppress Republican votes. According to election officials in Maricopa County roughly 20% of polling sites, or 45 out of 223, were experiencing “issues” with tabulation machines just hours after Election Day polls opened. [1] 

This is a problem. 

57% of respondants feel our voting rights were deprived but only 35% were convinced enough evidence has been presented to the public proving fraud. Kari Lake is attempting to appeal her lawsuit to the Arizona State Supreme Court after a Maricopa County Judge ruled against her in December [2]. Kari Lake came within fractions of a percentage point of winning in the official certified ballot totals. This survey of actual Arizona voters, with a 3% margin of error, indicates 8% more of them voted for Lake than voted for Katie Hobbs. That’s almost three times the poll’s margin of error. This raises serious questions about the certified ballot totals in light of the reported procedural irregularities. The Arizona Supreme Court will meet on Tuesday March 21st to decide whether to hear Kari Lake’s election contest appeal.

Arizonans must not be left for the next two years with these deep uncertainties about something as fundamental as the integrity of Arizona elections. The Arizona Supreme Court is the only state institution left that’s capable of resolving these large popular and procedural election uncertainties in a manner consistent with Arizona law. We wish them the courage, fortitude, and wisdom this complex, contentious, and vital task will require.

Election Reform is needed

"Election integrity has remained the top priority for members since 2020. From California to Washington DC, we must have a system where every legal vote is counted accurately and fairly. Voters must be required to present a photo ID. Mail-in absentee ballots must be done away with. We cannot trust the electoral process until we're back to one day, one vote, in-person only elections"

The data from the poll has caused College Republicans United to raise concerns about potential election interference by then Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who was also a candidate for Governor in the same election. College Republicans United is urging all Arizonans to pay close attention to the potential for election interference and to take action to ensure the integrity of future elections. Our organization believes every legal vote should count and that it is essential to protect the sanctity of the democratic process.

The College Republicans United is committed to ensuring future elections are free from any kind of interference and that the voice of every voter is heard. The organization will continue to work with any politician who’s goals are working towards efforts to support one day, one person, one vote elections for Arizona and beyond. As a national organization, we seek to ensure elections are held with the highest regard for security and sanctity.