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For as long as we can remember, the west has been neglected by the College Republican National Committee. Most of the Chairmen come from the east, all of the CRNC conventions take place in the east, the money goes to the east, and the west is left alone. At times, the western half of the federation appears to be invisible to the rest of the organization, which has presented a real and pressing problem for the longest time. Simply put, the College Republicans from Arizona, and the rest of the west coast want better leadership. This ineffective relationship between the organization and its members will only hurt the conservative cause, not strenghten it. Of the current set of candidates running for federation leadership, none have put the interests of the west or the conservsative movement to the front. This be a sign of a vote of no confidence for any individual running for the CRNC for the aformentioned reasons.

The club also has qualms with the state federation. During the 2020 election year, there was a lack of communication between the AZFCR and the individual College Republican clubs. Despite being one of the most important elections in recent history, there were no attempts to coordinate any state wide events. Oftentimes, it felt as if each of our clubs were stuck in our own spheres by ourselves, a trend that would persist even after the election. Our club did not get the support it needed by either the CRNC, or the AZFCR. We did not get funding, coordination, or even an attempt at contact. It’s no secret that COVID-19 left everybody in disarray. During a crisis like this, it was essential to receive support and guidance from the federation. However, we ended up funding, recruiting, and coordinating events by ourselves. If the federation cannot support us, then we will have to look elsewhere. 

College Republicans and the Republican party as a whole is changing. We are moving away from the establishment “do nothing” politics of yesteryear and uniting together to win our country back, and charging forward with policies that put America First. We beleive that the College Republicans United will lead the west in this very direction. College Republicans United better supports our ideals and the direction our club would like to go in the future.

We look forward to working with an organization that is activism-oriented in nature which will allow us to be more involved in our community. This new affiliation will enable us to hold more events beyond weekly meetings which will unite our members further and create a more immerstive member experience. Most importantly, College Republicans Untied will provide us guidance to ensure our chapter exists for many years to come. This is the future of the conservative movement and as we challenge the status quo, we must remain true to our values and ourselves. Our organization at Univeristy of Arizona is excited for this next chapter and looks forward to what our affiliation with the College Republicans will bring.

Iowa State University – College Republicans United

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OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Chartering with College Republicans United 

Last night, a unanimous decision was made amongst the voting members of the College Republicans at Iowa State University to fully decouple and leave both the legacy and club name associated with Iowa Federation of College Republicans (IFCR) and the college Republican National Committee (CRNC) behind us. We have officially chartered with College Republicans United instead, and we will be changing the name of our club accordingly. This was not an easy decision, nor one taken lightly, but it has been determined to be necessary in order to continue championing authentic conservatism in the state of Iowa. We have always been dedicated to fighting for what is right, and that includes working against Republicans in name only (RINOs) that seek to liberalize and destroy the Republicans Party from within.

Throughout our years as a chapter, we have never seen assistance from the IFCR or CRNC in many regards.  Whether it was with campaigning or legislating, we had to work on these issues alone. We have worked successfully in many regards, from helping congressional and Presidential campaigns win in Iowa, to running 11 students for our Student Government and winning a near-majority. We have always taken pride in being College Republicans, but we do not believe that the groups associated with the ‘College Republicans’ name reflect conservative values anymore.

We have seen time after time a lack of professionalism from the IFCR and CRNC, whether it was contacting our places of employment due to disagreements on social media, swearing at, and making inappropriate remarks towards our members and executive board, or holding a secret midnight defederation vote for our chapter (to which members of the IFCR central committee in support of our chapter were not invited). Many chapters of College Republicans came to our defense against the improper removal, we commend those chapters and federations that fought against RINO cancel culture. The IFCR continues to cede ground to the left, chastising anyone to the right of the Establishment.

College Republicans United presents the future of conservatism; boldly and unflinchingly upholding conservative values and putting America first. They have achieved major victories in the state of Arizona, and we look forward to working with them to keep Iowa great. We are now proud to announce that we are no longer the College Republicans, but the College Republicans United at Iowa State University. Through uniting rather than dividing Americans and the conservative movement, we will continue to work to Make America Great Again!


Young Leadership Coalition PAC

This information was given to College Republicans United by a former member of the RINO CRs who left the organization in disgust following Joe Pitts condemnation of Kyle Rittenhouse and of our fundraiser. Throughout 2019 and early 2020 this anon believed PAC funds, created by the CRs, were raised & spent with malfeasance and was fearful of retaliation by club leadership if questioned. 

This anon claims this PAC was used to fundraise for the College Republicans; money had been pocketed illegally in violation of reporting laws. 

CR Faculty Advisor was questioned regarding details of this PAC. Dr Critchlow denied any pertinent knowledge but knew of this PAC’s existence. We offer this information to the public to follow up on their activities and help us expose their political activism which is harming the standing of the GOP in Arizona. 

Source –

Founder: Jeremiah Willett
Jeremiah Willett claims to have been active in Republican politics since 2014. He attended Arizona State University and graduated in 2020 with a degree in Political Science. Throughout college, Jeremiah has supported and volunteered for various RINO campaigns, most notably working as a field organizer for Governor Ducey’s 2018 reelection. He served as President of the College Republicans at Arizona State University in 2019 and, according to their own faculty advisor, Dr. Critchlow, ran its remaining membership into the ground following the disastrous leadership of Jennifer Custis.

Jeremiah worked in public policy for Compass Strategies

Chairman: Landon Wall
Landon Wall started his career in finance working at an investment research firm. He began working in politics in 2017, after joining Compass Strategies as a data analyst. Since beginning at Compass Strategies, Landon has collected, managed, and analyzed data for multiple local, congressional, advocacy, and statewide campaigns and met Jerimiah. 

Young Leadership Coalition is a slush fund by Jerimiah’s father to purchase political influence for his son to grow an astroturf organization to be utilized in covering operating costs for various candidates in Arizona, and of course build resumes for those affiliated with it. Six donations from John Paul Willett were documented between 6/30/2019 and 6/28/2020 – totaling $125,600. 

There are no other donors on record. 

John Paul Willet is listed as a ‘Managing Member’ of ‘Rsv Holding‘ which employs 197 people. On April 14, 2020 the company took a $1-$2Million loan from BOKF, National Association. Mr Willet is also a managing member of Red Star AZ32 LLC, also known as Red Star Vapor e-cigarette business that uses antifa/revolutionary artwork on its product to sell merchandise.

Joe Pitts and Jeremiah Willett claim this is grassroots

How do you spend $125,600 in two years or less?

Tdaz Consulting: $8,000.00 for Consulting –
Self proclaimed business within Engineering, Accounting, Research, and Management Services Sector. Corporation Commission Filing here

Owner Tom Ducey, Campaign Manager for Kate Brophy McGee, also the Nephew of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

Business Address same as Home Address:
5335 E Shea Blvd, Unit 2084, Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Phone: (602) 571-1146
Employs only one person (Tom Ducey)

The reccuring theme you’ll notice here is the payout to associates of Ducey. Young Leadership Institute spent $1,203.00 to Ava Montoya for consulting. Ava is a marketing manager at a New Mexico Tech council who previously worked at the AZ Chamber of Commerce with Tom Ducey. 

These RINO Republicans also gave money to Democrats

In October 2019 Young Leadership Coalition rented the Tempe Mission Palms for $4,929.83 which hosted two Republicans and Democrats and paid each of them $1,000. 

The two Democrats: Daniel Hernandez, who was elected into the Arizona House of Representatives for the 2nd District in 2016, and the Alma Adams Campaign who was elected into the House of Representatives 3rd District in 2018. 

Both of these Democrats are typical far left extremists who support unlimited late term abortions. They both campaigned heavily for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020. 

Other expenses include…

Fox Point Consulting: $52,650.00 for Consulting,

Arcadia Management Group Inc: $24,999.50 for Commercial Property Rent

Incompliance: $5,850.00 another Consulting firm that does business with Arizonans for Affordable Electricity, Republican Legislative Victory Fund, Re-Elect Debbie Lesko for Senate, Arizonans for Public Safety, Taxpayers Against City Takeover, Arizonans for Financial Freedom (Sponsored by American Encore), and Ducey for Governor.

RINO College Republicans at ASU also benefited

Young Leadership PAC paid American Airlines $1,302.40 which is about the cost of 4 or 5 round-trip tickets (pre-COVID19).  

Hilton Hotel received $753.58 on 02/09/2020 in Washington DC. Lodging for Arjun Rondla Treasurer of the CRs & others who are part of Jerimiah’s and Joe Pitt’s inner circle.

Arizona Federation of College Republicans received $300.00 for Judah Waxelbaum who has been the unelected Fed Chair since 2017 and member of the College Republicans.

Steven Sensmeier received $1,000, Former College Republican from Embry Riddle, who was also involved with the Federation of College Republicans.

Young Leadership PAC also paid someone’s Cox Communications bill $504.25, five payments of $100.85 from Feb – June 2020. Adobe software for $100 to make videos condemning College Republicans United. AZ Office Liquidators: $437.29 for Office furniture, new & secondhand desks, chairs, conference tables & more. ... and the “American Conservative” a magazine subscription for $330.00, great example of fiscal conservatism. 

ASU USG Election – Controversy

The State Press refused to publish this information

Arizona State University’s undergraduate student government elections are underway and, unsurprisingly, a radical slate of candidates has emerged. United Voices for ASU is a coalition claiming to be fighting for ASU students when in reality they are fighting for their own political interests.
It’s no coincidence that the notorious campus hate group Students for Justice in Palestine has endorsed the slate. At least one of its candidates, Alexia Isais, is a vehement anti-Semite. She hero-worships Leila Khaled, a Palestinian terrorist, infamous plane hijacker, and member of the U.S.-designated terrorist group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

She calls Khaled an “idol” and posts her quotes as inspiration. Khaled is not a “freedom fighter”. She is a terrorist with innocent blood on her hands. This is no role model for a would-be public servant.

Alexia Isais was a paid employee of the State Press
She used the paper to advocate for BDS – Link –
and slander CRU with impunity – Link –

Aside from her poor choices in personal heroes, Isais has some disturbing views of her own. She has repeatedly tweeted that “Israel shouldn’t even exist,” including by invoking the genocidal call for a free Palestine “from the river to the sea”. Don’t be mistaken – this is not a call for freedom or democracy. It is a call to exterminate all 6 million Jews living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, the entirety of the land of Israel. Her advocacy for violence against Israel and the Jewish people doesn’t stop there.
Isais is also a vocal supporter of an “antifa-like” student, Ben Cooper, who was arrested last year for aggravated assault. This is a violent anti-Israel agitator who was arrested in part for an assault on a Tempe police officer and was charged with a felony. He is also a member of the Young Democratic Socialists of America at ASU which has held violent protests against CRU and used the group’s platform to bash the Tempe police department. Well after his conviction of a violent crime, Isais shared an op-ed Cooper wrote in which he endorses the idea that “Israel and the United States share that common imperialistic ideology of border militarization [and] human rights abuses” and that “U.S. actions globally have inflamed conflict.” Isais called it “awesome”.
The admiration appears to be mutual because Cooper also endorsed the United Voices for ASU slate. Why should the ASU student body support a slate that is so anti-American? Cooper was forced to resign from the USG last year when CRU exposed his felony record to the University. 
The politicization of college campuses is nothing new, but it’s time student governments focus on education and put broader politics aside. The students of ASU deserve better than to serve as pawns of the left’s political agenda. United Voices for ASU’s platform is full of platitudes like a “universal pass” policy for the spring semester when in reality they want to impose a radical anti-Israel agenda and lift up their violent allies. Ben Cooper proposed a BDS amendment to the USG last year, we can expect this slate to follow in his footsteps. 

Reject this slate and vote for candidates who are truly ready to advocate for ASU students’ interests.

The State Press has a long history of slandering individual students and organizations for being conservative while giving a hard pass for the alt-left. They will not publish articles critical of leftist figures on campus except on rare occasions. Even then, the articles are lacking any substance and not advertised.

Help CRU expose fake news at Arizona State University

Hello CRU, 

My Name is Devon Smith, I have followed your club through emails but sadly I had class at your meeting times the last two semesters causing me to be unable to make any of the meetings. I am running for Senator of WP Carey, and am a conservative when it comes to political views. 

I am running my campaign on the grounds of real world problems we are facing as a society and a university such as, reimbursements for the Coronavirus causing a lot of us to leave campus, more inclusion campus wide, trying to involve international kids more and make the out of state kids feel more at home, and I am focusing on funds spent by the students being allocated more towards business kids and the student body in general as there seems to be rarely anything done for the students in terms of dorms, dining halls, events, etc.. 

Thank you so much for your time,
Devon Smith
USG Senate Candidate


Kelli Ward is Corrupt

Original article from 1/6/2020 Republican Briefs by Frosty Taylor

AZGOP chairman Kelli Ward stirred up a hornet’s nest when she fired the Resolution Committee she had appointed after Thanksgiving in Nov 2019.

According to GOP sources, Ward abruptly dissolved the Resolutions Committee on Dec 18, 2019 as the committee reviewed 25 resolutions that had been presented for consideration for recommendation at the upcoming Jan 25 Arizona State Convention. 

PC/committee member Vince Ansel says, “It all began with a nice email received on Nov 27, 2019 from AZ Republican Party Chairman, Kelli Ward stating that I had been chosen to serve on the Republican ‘Resolutions Committee”. The job of this committee is to vote on ‘resolutions’ which would then be forwarded to the State GOP Committee for consideration and a vote on Jan 25, 2020. That vote would set in motion the political platform and goals of the State Republican Party for 2020. Ansel listed the 11 resolutions passed by the 25 committee members in attendance at the Dec 18 meeting before Committee Chairman Russell Pearce was notified by Ward that she had fired the committee mid-meeting for alleged ‘rules violations.’

They had passed resolutions:

1. Strict enforcement of Immigration Law and condemnation of Sanctuary city policies.

2. State support of a well-armed militia to help in defense of our southern borders.

3. The condemnation of ABOR for granting discounted tuition to Illegal Aliens.

4. State defunding of the baby-killing organization known as “Planned Parenthood”.

5. Support of the Electoral College.

6. Strict enforcement of established law prohibiting the hiring of Illegal Aliens.

7. State compliance of laws regarding English as Arizona’s Official Language.

8. Resolution to end the illegal DACA program immediately.

9. Resolution to expand School Choice and increase the number of Vouchers issued.

10. Resolution to denounce “Red Flag Laws” which violate citizen 2nd Amendment rights.

11. Resolution that the AZ Republican Party stand firmly with President Trump.

Follow up e-mails indicate Ward thought the resolutions “too divisive” and that she was forming a new Resolution Committee under a new chairman which has prompted the fired committee members to question whether Ward buckled under press from Doug Ducey.

Chairman Pearce said he had been told that Ducey was pushing hard for “his Gun Confiscation Scheme (Red Flag Laws) which Pearce points out is a “clear violation of the Constitution. The Gov is also a member of ABOR and supports  giving instate tuition to DACA students (in violation of Arizona Law.) Chairman Ward is trying to play politics and NOT do what is right – which is a shame.  But, dismissing me as chairman and the whole committee is deceitful and will backfire on her.” Pearce was nominated for the chairmanship by LD25 Chair Ian.  Peace continued, “This is all politics.  ABOR has been stuffed with Ducey appointments including democrats and Karrin Robson who wants to run for Governor.  The only reason our AG (Mark Brnovich) is going after their abuse of power is because he knows I will if he doesn’t and has stated so to the Arizona Republic. Just like he did when he blasted for forcing him to sue ABOR for giving in-state tuition strictly against the law.”  

Pearce noted, “Resolutions are the party members voice and so she needs to just suck it up and let them win or lose in a vote.  Ward is supposed to be a conservative.  Keep in mind money talks.  Karrin who sits on the ABOR board just took $250K from Ed Robson as Karrin plans to is run for Governor.  This ABOR illegal act deal will blow up in Karrin’s face and she knows it.  The Red Flag laws are a clear violation of the Constitution and due process and should not be voted in by the legislature.  If this party doesn’t stand up for what is right we are in trouble and no better than the Dems and the left.  We need to take a stand. We must get Trump re-elected or we will put our Republic at risk.  We elected President Trump, because he is willing to take on the swamp and take a strong stand on the founding principles of this Republic in spite of the daily attacks by the Media and the Left.   I do not understand why Kelli and the Gov are against English as the Official Language as it is already in our Constitution . Or why they would support an illegal, unconstitutional Executive Order by President Obama and do not want us to demand we end DACA.  Or why she would want to silence the voice of our hard working Conservatives – the back bone of this Party who clearly are opposed to Red Flag legislation, voted overwhelmingly for Prop. 300 to say NO to DACA, and why in the world would they be afraid to out ABOR for breaking the law.  All Politics. Who’s side are they on?

Pearce said, “This whole attempt is to stop resolutions that this Party wants.  They (party members) DO NOT want Gun Confiscation Laws (Red Flag laws) that is Ducey’s pet legislation, they do not want to condemn ABOR for breaking law flagrantly (Ducey is on the Board), they want to protect DACA in spite of the President being in court right now to stop it, and they do not want to support God’s Plan of only two Genders (changed to two sexes).  When I would not violate Robert’s Rules of Order or pander to Ward and Ducey this is when the evil plan started to make sure they did not pass. The Committee was even stacked to stop it, but it failed due to the solid Patriots on the Committee.  Some of these passed UNANIMOUSLY but they will do what they can to stop them including cheating and lying.  I am so disappointed on Chairman Ward and those who continue to throw our Conservatives under the bus while we support our own SWAMP.  Some of these passed UNANIMOUSLY but she decided to do whatever she had to do to stop them.  In fact Kelli was texting to committee members during the committee vote. I am so disappointed in Chairman Ward and those who continue to throw our Conservatives under the bus while we pander to our own SWAMP.”  

Pearce said Ward sent emails to him and texted members to:

· “ not to vote on the Resolution to stop Red Flag Laws (a gun confiscation scheme)

· “ not to vote on condemning ABOR for breaking the law and their continued effort to violate both Federal and Arizona law (Prop. 300 passed by 73% of Arizonans made it clear NO tax dollars directly or indirectly to DACA or anyone in the Arizona illegally)

· “ not to vote on the Resolution to end DACA, which we all know is a violation of law and an illegal executive order by Obama

· “ not to vote to support God’s Plan of Two Genders (changed to two Sexes) as it was controversial. 

· “ not to vote on enforcing English as the Official Language that the is in our Constitution

When that failed Kelli decided to illegally change the rules. “  -ft