Hall of Speakers

2020 Speakers

Notable Events:

  • Fundraiser created for Kyle Rittenhouse [1]
  • Partnership with Republicans for National Renewal and America First College Republican Coalition
  • COVID-19 Disruptions

Hop Nguyen
Candidate for Arizona State Senate District 22

Suzanne Sharer
Candidate for Arizona State Senate District 18


Joe Arpaio
Candidate for County Sheriff

Jerry Sheridan –
Candidate for County Sheriff


Dan Schultz –
Precinct Committeemen


Michelle Malkin – 
Political Commentator 

Mike Cernovich –
Political Commentator / Film Director

Craig Sawyer
Former SEAL Team 6 / Film Director

2019 Speakers

Notable Events:

  • CRU protests against AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines at State Party Convention [1] [2] [3]
  • Social Media Controversy [1]

Randy Miller –
Candidate for Arizona State Senate District 21

Walt Blackman
Arizona Legislative District 6
Seeking reelection


 Maricopa County

Jerry Sheridan –
Candidate for County Sheriff

Community ORganizers

Dan Schultz –
Precinct Committeemen

Austin Steinbart –
Precinct Committeemen

Alex Meluskey – 
Precinct Committeemen

Jeremiah Cota – 
Precinct Committeemen

Daniel McCarthy – [1]
Candidate for US Senate

Wendy Rogers –
Candidate for Congressional District 1



Brandon Straka – 
#WalkAway Campaign

Catherine Barrett – [1]
Classroom Code of Ethics, Chairwoman

Mark Spencer – 
Judicial Watch

Juanita Broaddrick – 
Clinton Sexual Assault Survivor

Merissa Hamilton – X2
Republican Liberty Caucus of Arizona

Mark del Maestro – 
Radio Host – 
Central City Radio

Gabriel Nadales – [1] 
Leadership Institute

Dr Carl Goldberg & Imam Omar Tawi – [1] [2] [3]
Islam in America Debate


2018 Events & Speakers

Notable Events:

  • ANTIFA shuts down Milo Yiannopoulos visit to CRU in Scottsdale [1]
  • ANTIFA arrested at ASU over memorial to Kate Steinle [1]
  • CRU was invited to speak at the Paradise Valley Women’s Conservative club [1]
  • CRU spoke at the March for Our Rights rally for the Second Amendment [1]
Arizona Legislature

Vicki Alger –
Candidate for Arizona State Senate District 24

Dr Charles Loftus – 
ASU Faculty Club Adviser for CRU
Candidate for Arizona State Senate District 20

Frank Schmuck – [1]
Candidate for Arizona State Senate District 18

Maria Syms – [1]
Arizona Legislative District 28
Seeking reelection

David Alger –
Candidate for Arizona Legislative District 24

Michelle Ugenti-Rita  – 
Arizona Legislative District 23
Seeking reelection

Shawnna Bolick – [1]
Precinct Committeewoman
Candidate for Arizona Legislative District 20

Lisa Godzich – [1]
Candidate for Arizona Legislative District 16

Kelly Townsend –
Arizona Legislative District 16
Seeking reelection

Brian Lesinski –
Candidate for Arizona Legislative District 15


Corporate Commission
Eric Sloan – [1]
Precinct Committeeman
Candidate for Corporate Commission

Jim O’Connor –
Candidate for Corporate Commission


Jo Ann Sabbagh  – [1]
Candidate for Treasurer


Federal Legislature 

Sheriff Joe Arpaio – [1] [2]
Former Sheriff of Maricopa County
Candidate for US Senate

Dr Kelli Ward – [1] [2]
Former State Senator District 5
Candidate for US Senate

Sheriff Richard Mack – [1]
Former Sheriff of Graham County
Candidate for US House AZ Congressional District 8 


Dick Heller – [1]
Second Amendment Institute

Dr Bob Branch –
Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Nicholas Sarwark – [1] [2]
Libertarian Party Chairman
Candidate for Mayor of Phoenix

Johnny Meltron – 
Maricopa County Republican Executive Board

Merissa Hamilton – 
Republican Liberty Caucus of Arizona

Lauren Cooley –
Washington Examiner Editor

Lauren Chen – [1] [2] [3]
CRTV – Roaming Millennial


Concerned Veterans Group for America

National Rifle Association [1] [2]

Heritage Action