Lauren Witzke
Former Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate, Delaware

College Republicans United is one of the few true ‘America First’ on campus groups in the country. Their dedication to putting American workers and American families first is a movement that they are spreading like wildfire amongst their generation! In a political climate where pandering, caving, and apologizing to the Left for their beliefs has become the norm, College Republicans United has stood FIRM in their beliefs, never wavered, and never apologized. Not only do they stand firm in upholding America’s traditional values, they support and advocate for candidates with the same beliefs, myself included. I am grateful for groups like College Republicans United and am confident that this particular group of patriots will be leading the charge in the future of American politics. Thank you so much for all you do for the America First movement.

Michelle Malkin
Syndicated Columnist

The Arizona State University College Republicans United crew is the real deal. I’ve traveled across the country over the past 25 years speaking on college campuses and I can tell you that ASU CRU stands out. Its leaders are among the brightest, bravest, and most energetic young conservatives I’ve met. They represent the best of the burgeoning America First movement.

Tim Rafferty
President, RidersUSA

If you are looking for group to join that “gets involved” with topics and events that are important on a local, State and national level, look no further that CRU. RidersUSA has worked with CRU on several events in past years and enjoyed their spirit and talent. I highly recommend students joining CRU and RidersUSA looks forward to working with them on future projects.

Renald Ramsey
Former LD20 Chair

I’ve worked with a number of party, campaign, and community organizations over many decades. Few have matched CRU’s dedication, professionalism, and political acumen. Additionally, I’ve not met a more patriotic, liberty promoting, American first nationalist group than CRU. They are the avente guard of a new Republican Party and of New Young Americans. They bring me hope in America’s future.

I’ve witnessed, supported, and coordinated with CRU on elected public office campaigns, internal party campaigns, and on major national debates both as volunteers and demonstrators. This includes campaigns for Senate, State and local party office elections, Back the Blue and 2nd Amendment protests, Protect Armenia demonstrations, campaigns for Freedom of Speech on and off College Campuses and the campaign for the Presidency. They have proven decisive in a number of campaigns and events thereby successfully moving the Republican Party back more in alignment with its nationalist core values.

Having worked on the Trump campaign and in support of election integrity, I only wish we had more such fine young men and women and at an earlier point. I am confident this organization and its members have an important role to play in the future of the AZGOP, the State of Arizona, and the United States of America. CRU is the real deal and in age of lackluster national leadership and partisan “Vichy Republican” collaboration with tyranny, cultural genocide, and oligarchy, they fit a mold surely missing in America. We need more of them.

Jennifer Harrison
AZ Patriots Founder

College Republican United is group of young, constitutional American college kids dedicated to free speech on college campuses and following the principles set forth in our Constitution. These kids are fearless warriors in their pursuit of freedom and liberty and holding our elected officials feet to the fire. They have gotten a lot of hate and slander by local, leftwing media for standing boldly in their convictions and simply for being a conservative group amongst leftwing communists who think conservative voices should be abolished. Thank you, CRU for your brave actions and strong voices. – AZPatriots

Ryan Hartwig
Facebook Insider with Project Veritas

My name is Ryan Hartwig, and I graduated from Arizona State University in 2015. During that last year of college, I was involved in the College Republicans, and witnessed a lot of discontent and fracture amongst the leadership that year. I’m glad that College Republicans United was able to come into existence and offer an alternative to the existing conservative clubs.

In February 2020 I attended a CRU meeting and was able to meet Michelle Malkin, one of my favorite conservative influencers. I also met Mike Cernovich at another event that same year. CRU’s ability to secure nationally-renowned speakers puts them on the map and says a lot about their excellent leadership.

When I met Malkin, I was at the time currently working undercover with Project Veritas, and filming with a hidden camera as a Facebook content moderator. I went public 4 months after that, and exposed Facebook’s censorship against conservatives, with irrefutable evidence.

I can’t say enough good things about the leadership of College Republicans United. They’ve supported me when I went public as a whistleblower and continue to be a great resource for all of the conservatives at Arizona State University.

Donald Teel
Founder of iVoteAmerica
Traci Kinney
Precinct Committeewoman LD22

WOW! What a year 2020 was! I’ve really been reflecting on the people I encountered on my journey through the Pandemic and the upheaval of normal life that ensued as a result. It’s the people and the relationships forged in the crisis that carried me through. I met Rick and Julie at a Memorial Day Flag Drop, hosted by Riders USA, at the Veterans Memorial Cemetary. I went alone, knew no one and had NEVER done anything even remotely similar. To say I was a bit nervous and unsure is a gross understatement. 

CRU to the resucue! Rick, Julie and the CRU crew welcomed this middle age grandma to their team! After raising hundreds of flags to honor our fallen soldiers the CRU crew invited me to lunch. It was the very first time since the stay at home orders I had experienced ANY sense of community and to be incredibly honest, I was living terrified daily that any sense of community would likely never be restored. 

These individual young, passionate, constitutionally conservative, college age Republicans that make up CRU have become my mentors and my friends. Rick and Julie helped me learn the value of becoming a PC in my LD and provided direction in that process as well as inviting me to participate alongside them in local conservative camapaigns both during the primary and general elections. 

As a direct result of the leadership of CRU’s inclusion, guidance and ongoing education in the political arena in the state of Arizona I have been able to find my voice as a political activist. And now have the knowledge as to how to amplify the message for maximum effect! 

I’m on a mission now to sew into the lives of others what Rick, Julie and all the members of CRU so graciously sewed into mine. May God richly bless the labor of your hands and multiply a thousand fold the funding to continue what CRU does so well! In the pursuit of Liberty!

Marsha Hill
Precinct Committeewoman - LD21

Hi Fellow Conservative! 

Arizona has always been a pillar of right vs wrong. AZ has stood for all that is right . . . but not of late. Like many states, they’ve bought into the political correctness. Thus, the last general election, AZ turned blue. We need to get behind all that is correct and right again. And the future is in our youth. Not often do we see millennials standing for the US Constitution, use their gift of common sense and believe all the makes America GREAT. 

CRU is one of these groups and they are in the middle of ASU. This means they, like us, are under attack on a daily basis for being conservative and they are not afraid to voice their views. We need young people like these. Like any organization, they have expenses. There was a situation where they were having an elected official speak and ASU wouldn’t supply guards so some had to be hired. Flyers cost money. Try passing out pro-life literature on a liberal campus. The opposition loves to waste their money by throwing away flyers etc. It would an awesome thing to support such a group as CRU. Supporting young people with good morals, logical thinking and a mind to make all of our futures GREAT again. 

Think of a monthly donation of $5-500 a month. Every bit moves them forward to continue. 

Thank you,