Hi Fellow Conservative! 

Arizona has always been a pillar of right vs wrong. AZ has stood for all that is right . . . but not of late. Like many states, they’ve bought into the political correctness. Thus, the last general election, AZ turned blue. We need to get behind all that is correct and right again. And the future is in our youth. Not often do we see millennials standing for the US Constitution, use their gift of common sense and believe all the makes America GREAT. 

CRU is one of these groups and they are in the middle of ASU. This means they, like us, are under attack on a daily basis for being conservative and they are not afraid to voice their views. We need young people like these. Like any organization, they have expenses. There was a situation where they were having an elected official speak and ASU wouldn’t supply guards so some had to be hired. Flyers cost money. Try passing out pro-life literature on a liberal campus. The opposition loves to waste their money by throwing away flyers etc. It would an awesome thing to support such a group as CRU. Supporting young people with good morals, logical thinking and a mind to make all of our futures GREAT again. 

Think of a monthly donation of $5-500 a month. Every bit moves them forward to continue. 

Thank you, 

Marsha Hill PC, LD21

Marsha Hill
Precinct Committeewoman - LD21