Republicans United at Arizona

Chairman: Pending Election
Elected July 30th 2023



College Republicans United at ASU is the original founder of Republicans United. Our activities consists of weekly meetings during the semester, collaborative journalism, outreach events and invitational speeches by well-known Conservative contributors. We do not discriminate nor push our own views onto members. We provide a diverse line-up of guest speakers with varying opinions, and encourage public discourse. 

951 S Cady Mall, Tempe, AZ 85281
Room: Social Science room 304
Time: 6:00pm every Wednesday



UofA College Republicans has a long reputation as the most conservative chapter out of all of the former CRNC clubs in Arizona. In 2021 the chapter rebranded as College Republicans United at UofA and joined the Republicans United network. The chapter faces bitter establishment opposition by rinos.

1510 E. University Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85721
Room: A218 Main Library
Time: 5:00pm every Wednesday

Yavapai COUNTY


Established in 2020, Yavapai CRU is a small chapter originally from Yavapai College but also encompases Embry Riddle, Prescott College, and other online students in the region. Physical meetings share space with the Veterans Association at Yavapai College. Relaunching soon

Message from supporters

Jennifer Harrison
AZ Patriots Founder

College Republican United is group of young, constitutional American college kids dedicated to free speech on college campuses and following the principles set forth in our Constitution. These kids are fearless warriors in their pursuit of freedom and liberty and holding our elected officials feet to the fire. They have gotten a lot of hate and slander by local, leftwing media for standing boldly in their convictions and simply for being a conservative group amongst leftwing communists who think conservative voices should be abolished. Thank you, CRU for your brave actions and strong voices. – AZPatriots

Tim Rafferty
President, RidersUSA

If you are looking for group to join that “gets involved” with topics and events that are important on a local, State and national level, look no further that CRU. RidersUSA has worked with CRU on several events in past years and enjoyed their spirit and talent. I highly recommend students joining CRU and RidersUSA looks forward to working with them on future projects.

Ryan Hartwig
Facebook Insider with Project Veritas

My name is Ryan Hartwig, and I graduated from Arizona State University in 2015. During that last year of college, I was involved in the College Republicans, and witnessed a lot of discontent and fracture amongst the leadership that year. I’m glad that College Republicans United was able to come into existence and offer an alternative to the existing conservative clubs.

In February 2020 I attended a CRU meeting and was able to meet Michelle Malkin, one of my favorite conservative influencers. I also met Mike Cernovich at another event that same year. CRU’s ability to secure nationally-renowned speakers puts them on the map and says a lot about their excellent leadership.

When I met Malkin, I was at the time currently working undercover with Project Veritas, and filming with a hidden camera as a Facebook content moderator. I went public 4 months after that, and exposed Facebook’s censorship against conservatives, with irrefutable evidence.

I can’t say enough good things about the leadership of College Republicans United. They’ve supported me when I went public as a whistleblower and continue to be a great resource for all of the conservatives at Arizona State University.