College Republicans United at
Arizona State University

Club elections are held at the end of the Fall Semester every year. All students at Arizona State University are eligible to be General Members—i.e, voting members and run for the Executive Board. Membership is granted once two of the following has been achieved in the previous and current semester: 

  • Payment of Dues,
  • Minimum of 6 hours performing Volunteer Activities for CRU,
  • Attended four meetings

All positions of the Executive Board shall serve only one year per term from the date they are elected. There shall be no term limits.

Club Email:

ASU Faculty Adviser – Jeffrey Watson
School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies


President – Jesse Fischer
Chemical Engineering 
Ira A Fulton Engineering


Tempe Vice President – Nicholas Kozub


Polytech Vice President – Ty Hakes
Counseling and Applied Psychological Science, Integrative Sciences & Arts


Tempe Secretary – Alex Zorn


Treasurer – Aaliyah Smith
Political Science
The College of Lib Arts & Sci

Previous Executive Leadership

Faculty Advisor Charles Loftus
School of Criminology & Criminal Justice

2018 – 2020

CRU was founded by members of the ASU College Republicans who had left the club in digust due to corruption within leadership. This action was endorsed by CR Faculty Advisor Donald Critchlow who named our group College Republicans United to serve as a mirror conservative version of the CRs. Charles Loftus became the permanent advisor shortly after inception in 2018. 

Richard Thomas

Joshua Bernard
Matthew Northway
Julie Houtman

Julie Houtman