CRU Protest against AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines

College Republicans United will be conducting a protest against AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines January 26th. 

For the past few days on the RepublicanBriefs, Frosty Taylor has been advertising our call for the removal of Lines and other RINO collaborators from the party. As a result of this, our inbox has been flooded with messages from various supporters.

Here is a brief sample of the messages we have received.

Congratulations on your efforts to unseat the hugely unpopular and ineffective incumbent Az GOP chairman Jonathan Lines.  

     As you may already know, I sat for (5) consecutive years on the Maricopa County Executive Guidance Committee, both as Member-At-Large and Second Vice Chairman.  During my tenure there, I was made acutely aware of the manipulations exhibited by the Az GOP and the establishment Republicans (Globalists) who routinely usurped the power of the PC’s through the monumental abuse of proxies, which are tantamount to ballot harvesting.  This practice, in reality, disenfranchises the hardworking PC’s who actually put boots on the ground and perform the function of PC’s by going to the various meetings and performing their duties.  The proxy abuse is designed to give voice to those PC individuals who will never be seen in their precincts or at meetings and are recruited by establishment power cadres in the various LD’s to manipulate elections—both in their respective LD’s and at the Az GOP level.  

     There have been many instances within the past decade to remedy this situation by limiting the number of proxies that can be carried by a fellow PC, but these efforts have been thwarted by the entrenched establishment power structure in order to keep them in power at ALL costs—legal or otherwise.

     Your efforts to bring this to the light of day is a welcome and noble task, and I wish you every success in this effort.  The issues at stake go to the very soul of our Republic and our party.  My own suggestion for a theme for this effort is:  TAKE BACK CONTROL

     May the intention of the Founding Fathers be ever your creed, who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor in creating the greatest nation on Earth.  
Let’s roll!

Standing for Liberty,

Ray Sweeney
U. S. Marine Corps, retired
Founder/Chairman, V.A.L.O.R. (Veterans Against Losing Our Republic)

Here’s another exchange between CRU Vice President Matthew Northway and CRU President Joshua Bernard with another contributor. 

In reading the briefs yesterday and today it states that you are picketing against Lines re-election as State GOP Chair. Who of the remaining 3 candidates do you support???

  • – Anonymous

Good afternoon ma’am,

  Thank you for your response, please allow me some depth to explain our reasoning. Regarding the election this Saturday, CRU and RU is not advocating for a particular candidate to replace Mr. Lines. The purpose of our protest is to call attention to the performance given by Chairman Lines especially with the aftermath of the ’18 midterm elections in this state. The Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party should do everything in his/her power to ensure adequate support and reinforcement is given to ALL Republican candidates running for statewide office, not just the Senate and Governor positions. An example is needed, Maria Syms of LD 28 was running for reelection to a second term in the Arizona House, but was blindsided by the State Party under Lines who reached out to voters requesting they vote for Kathy Petsas. This underhanded tactic, perpetrated under the direction of Chairman Lines, split the vote and cost Syms her seat which is now occupied by Democrat Kelli Butler.

  The reasoning for why Chairman Lines’ actions cost the Republican Party a state legislative seat is unclear, Maria Syms had a great CONSERVATIVE record while a member of the AZ House. The above example is a clear illustration for why Chairman Lines needs to be replaced as State Party Chair, President Trump needs conservative officials he and his supporters can reliably count on who will do everything in their power to ensure the MAGA agenda comes to fruition. If Chairman Lines is reelected, it’s a very safe bet Arizona will go from purple to blue in 2020 and thus MAGA will be absent from Arizona. Josh Bernard, President of CRU gives a good answer towards who to vote for: 
“We need to look and invest in true conservative candidates that believe in the new direction the party is moving to, not candidates that want to promote old policy from years past. Fresh new blood and leadership is needed for the next decade onwards.”
I apologize for the long-windedness of this message, but everyone deserves the truth for why Jonathan Lines is no longer qualified to his position. Have a great rest of your week!
Very Respectfully,
Matthew J. Northway
College Republicans United (CRU) Vice President
I appreciate your response.
I was a PC in Arizona, but am no longer.  I am a former 8 year, 2 term County Commissioner in Lane County, Oregon.  The only Republican and the only woman on a 5 member board.  Oregon definitively  has its  problems,  but at least we know how to groom and start working with candidates. Living here since 2012, I have been appalled at not only the lack of leadership, but the lack of quality of candidates.  
You continue to recycle the same old hacks time and time again. Primary example is Debbie Lesko.  The thought of now having to work with her in DC is not going to happen.  I thought Trent Franks was bad, she is a disgrace.  We have that whole LD21 click with Rick & Lisa Gray.
I have done grassroots lobby work for AF&PA in DC since the mid 80’s  focusing on NW & W States.  Was never impressed with the Arizona delegation except for Jon Kyle.  I worked extensively with him in 1999/2000, when he chaired Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee. At that time we passed a major timber bill that hadn’t been done in 20 years.  However, Paul Gosar seems to be a possible bright light.
Needless to say,  I did not vote for Lesko in November. The Republican Party in Arizona has a tendency of eating their own.  If Ward is selected Saturday, I can guarantee you that Arizona will become bright purple or blue in 2020. You want to place a wager?  You also need some better qualified campaign consultants.  Even I can read the tea leaves better than they can.
In a pickleball event Saturday from 9 AM to Noon.  Not sure I even want to know the outcome of the voting.
– Anonymous


There’s massive issues within the AZ GOP. A lot of our fellow conservative contacts across the nation have said AZ is notorious for its GOP split. Rather it almost shows at the state level the bigger national divide within the party. As there seems to be almost a irreconcilable differences between these two wings of the party(Bush type conservatism vs Trump conservatism). Which is playing out perfectly within here in AZ. I think looking ahead to 2020 is when the real battle for change here in AZ can begin. During that time its gonna be a critical moment to build and invest in grassroots leaders and the youth. 
The Establishment has really been dropping the ball as of late.  Especially regarding building youth leaders. A lot of their preferred leaders tend to be always unpopular and out of touch with modern millennials and Gen Z. There just seems to be a massive disconnect with current party leadership policy towards them and how to engage them. As millennials and Gen Z are interconnected on social media, they are heavily active in social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. In which they tend to primarily be engaged in conservative young communities that are out of the establishment belt-loop. They have a very strong outreach online, but that’s where the party is failing to properly utilize this strength. Only President Trump and other conservative right leaning groups around the world especially in Europe have primarily have tapped into that power and engaged with it to build themselves up.
The AZ GOP and even the national GOP, with Trumps momentum would be better advised to go into rebuilding mode (like a sports team does) to better field a better team going forward. It’s better to invest in the blue-collar base President Trump brought in, as well as invest in better camping consultants. Build our conservative bench, and change the scouting tactics that go into investing into the Republican future. 
In my opinion, I don’t believe Chairman Lines holds any of realistic visions for the future. Based on his record as chairman for the past few years. As well as based on who he and the party left hanging during the 2018 midterms. The left was bound to strike back in 2018, but leaving some of your soldiers on the battlefield like Syms and other conservatives especially our women candidates was just plain wrong. Kelli Ward’s probably not the answer to counter Lines and the establishment, but investing in other potential candidates for the long game is the better answer and vision. One that can take on the likes of left wing swamp dwellers that are coming from California to Arizona. Liberals that are seasoned veterans and eager to take on Republican and Conservative leaders that do not have the energy to muster up a strong fight against them. As seen in our 2018 midterm results here in AZ. 
Joshua Bernard 
President – College Republicans United (CRU) 

Emergency Protest Against Jeff Flake

Brett Michael Kavanaugh is an attorney and jurist who serves as a United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. On July 9th Kavanaugh was nominated by President Trump to replace retiring Associate Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Immediately Democrats dubbed Kavanaugh as an extremist who would likely vote to overturn Roe v Wade, Gay Marriage, and other Progressive causes.  Liberals across the country have called on Democrats to delay the process for as long as possible, betting Democrats would retake Congress after the midterms and would have the votes to block Kavanaugh’s confirmation. 

On September 16, 2018, Christine Blasey Ford, a professor at Palo Alto University, said Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her when she was 15 and he was 17.

Jeff Flake is one of four Republicans who are on the fence to confirm.  Earlier in the week he indicated he can only support Kavanaugh after an FBI investigation. Critics say the FBI will not provide any more information that hasn’t already been discovered by the Senate hearing, that this only serves to further delay the process. Current committee chairman Chuck Grassley invoked Joe Biden by quoting:

‘The next person who refers to an FBI report as being worth anything obviously doesn’t understand anything. The FBI explicitly does not — does not, in this or any other case, reach a conclusion. Period’
– Senator Joe Biden on the Anita Hill hearing 1991.

(Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas of sexual assault)

On September 28th on Friday, CRU member Jonathan Rigney proposed an emergency protest at Senator Flake’s office to urge Flake to confirm without delay. The protest was held Saturday morning at Jeff Flake’s Phoenix office. At the gathering, participants signed their names on a petition written by CRU President Rick Thomas. A pdf scan of the document and signatures was emailed directly to Flake’s official account at

Canvassing for Maria Syms & Chips N Salsa

College Republicans United had a busy Saturday from early in the morning until the late afternoon. Rick, Kevin, Mark, Brett, Josh and Michaella took to the neighborhood of LD28 and canvassed for Maria Syms’ reelection campaign. 

By 4pm CRU  was joined by
Cody, Chase, and Armin for Chips N Salsa radio.

Topics covered: Millennial Outreach, RINO Republicans,
Kavanaugh, #MeToo, Libertarianism, 

Day of Action

College Republicans United has been approached by dozens of organizations seeking our help during these tumultuous midterm elections. Various candidates, the NRA, Americans for Prosperity, and even the GOP itself have expressed desires for our services. In a perfect world there would be enough young people to do these tasks, it would certainly make a difference in the political realm.  Truth is, we’re college students first and we have our own responsibilities to tend to. That’s why we are so thankful to our members who are able to answer the call for important volunteer events.

Recently CRU made a pact with Brigette Maggio & new CRU member Michaella Brassfield who works for the GOP as Field Coordinators who manage canvassing turf operations for the party. On September 15th, The GOP called for a National Day of Action and CRU answered.

CRU formed two teams:

  • Scottsdale, lead by Michaella Brassfield, Rick Thomas, Kevin Decuyper, Bret Musil, Jonathan Rigney

  • Chandler, lead by Brigette Maggio, Joshua Bernard, Mark Grigoriev, Chase Smith


– Hundreds of doors knocked
– Hundreds of brochures distributed
– Countless conversations about Kavanaugh, Trump, McSally, and Ducey with the community. 

I cannot thank everyone enough who participated in this event. We canvassed from 8am to noon, and some went further until 6pm. You are the best of College Republicans United! Thank you!