The Conscience of a Conservative

The Conscience of a Conservative
Published: 01/01/1960
Page Count: 176
ISBN: 9780691131177
During the 60's, Goldwater was considered the far-right wing of the republican party. Today perhaps Goldwater is considered too liberal for the conservative party. The book was co-written by Goldwater’s speech writer, L. Brent Bozell. Bozell was William F. Buckley’s brother-in-law.

In 1960, Barry Goldwater set forth his brief manifesto in The Conscience of a Conservative. Written at the height of the Cold War and in the wake of America’s greatest experiment with big government, the New Deal, Goldwater’s message was not only remarkable, but radical. He argued for the value and importance of conservative principles–freedom, foremost among them–in contemporary political life. Using the principles he espoused in this concise but powerful book, Goldwater fundamentally altered the political landscape of his day–and ours.

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