Resign Kelli Ward

Kelli Ward is an Embarrassment to the Republican Party

The duties and objective of the Party Chair is to support the election of Republican candidates in national, state, and local elections. These words imply that any attempt by the party to favor one primary candidate over another would violate this objective since some candidates would NOT be supported by the party. The Primary Election process should be decided by Republican voters, not by some back room deal made by the establishment.

It’s important for GOP leaders to remain impartial during primaries because they receive donations from all republicans – to take someone’s money and use it against them is counter-productive and in poor taste.

AZGOP was fundraising for Martha McSally during a contested primary and phone banking on her behalf 
RNC Rule 11 prohibits any kind contributions in contested Republican primaries.

Did you know Kelli Ward…

Formed a company using her position as Chair to contract with candidates to run [1]

Broke her tax payer protection plan to take money from a Democrat [2]

Illegally dissolved a resolution committee because it was too Conservative [3]

Kelli Ward should be investigated for financial irregularities and inappropriate expenses, such as hiring her daughter’s boyfriend on payroll and multiple vacations to Mexico, China, Florida, and elsewhere paid for by donations to the Arizona Republican Party. It’s time for Kelli Ward to resign not only as the AZGOP Chair, but from all political activism.

Update December 2020

Kelli Ward incompetently mismanaged the 2020 election which resulted in Arizona’s electoral votes being awarded to Joe Biden.

Kelli Ward and Rae Chornenky signed the certificate of accuracy for Maricopa County voting equipment without properly vetting Dominion voting software.

After being called out by Kelly Townsend Chornenky atleast had the sense to resign for her role. Kelli Ward on the other hand spent the last two years working to strengthen Ducey and the establishment’s hold on the Arizona legislature.